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We are preparing the "Games and Humor for Social Good" forum in Yerevan, Armenia, September 6-7, 2019. It will be focused on digital influencers using comedy and animation as tools of communication for either social good or for combating harmful distortions. Please recommend potential speakers and participants. In particular, we are looking for speakers who have gained their following through social networks and digital spaces, with backgrounds in standup, animation, video, and other forms of comedy with a social angle, along with game developers with social goals and those using gamification for messaging and marketing. Additionally, we need analysts of the phenomena, both in terms of the impact of humor and games but also looking at the changing digital information space. At the event, we will be talking about ways to engage digital influencers, using comedy and games, and also about content, mechanics and impact measurement. After the forum, a paper on the digitally enhanced power of humor and games will be generated, looking both at best practices and flaws.
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