September 6-7 / 2019

Forum in Yerevan, Armenia
The Humor & Games for Social Good Forum is a two-day event and will focus on current trends and the latest developments in social impact influencer spaces, using humor and games, as tools for social causes.
Humor Day
Emma Lacey-Bordeaux
D.C. Editor, CNN
Washington, DC, United States
Alin-Claudiu Apostu
Project Manager, Romanian Business Leaders
Bucharest, Romania
Artur Gurau
President, Digital Communication Network
Chisinau, Moldova

Veranika Laputska
Research Fellow, EAST Center / GMF / DCN Belarus
Warsaw, Poland

Mr. Narek Markarian
Co-Founder and Host, ArmComedy
Yerevan, Armenia
Sergey Sargsyan
Co-Founder and Host, ArmComedy
Yerevan, Armenia
Maksym Kyiak
Co-Founder, Global Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
Omri Marcus
Founder, Comedy for a Change
Tel Aviv, Israel
Mike Gillis
Head Writer, The Onion
Chicago, Illinois
Jolyon Rubinstein
Freelance Broadcaster, Writer, and Creator
London, UK
Mladen Ivanovic
Director, Videa Production
Podgorica, Montenegro
Emmanuel "Wanlov the Kubolor" Owusu-Bonsu
Bucharest, Romania
Bondzie Ossukow "M3NSA" Ansah
London, United Kingdom
Mykolas Markauskas
Chief Executive Officer, Laisvės TV
Vilnius, Lithuania
David Donaldson
Managing Director, BuzzLogic
United Kingdom
Kamile Kaselyte
Digital Marketeer & Entrepreneur,
Brussels, Belgium
Dori Adar
Founder, Hands on Games
Tel Aviv, Israel
George "Maddox" Ouzounian
Author, Maddox Productions
Los Angeles, California
Borna Sor
Chief Executive Officer, Hahar Productions
Zagreb, Croatia
Ernesto Núñez Chacón
Director, La Doble Tracción
Belen, Costa Rica
Haris Dedovic
Executive Director / Editor-In-Chief
Association for Media and Civil Society Development (URMCD)
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Francišak Viačorka
Vice President, Digital Communication Network
Minsk, Belarus,
Consultant for U.S. Agency for Global Media
Farai Monro
Creative Director, Magamba TV
Harare, Zimbabwe
Radu Constantin
Bucharest, Romania
Hakan Bilinger
Founder and Editor in Chief,
Istanbul, Turkey
Erin Crouch
Grants and Development Manager, Children's Museum of Tacoma
Kaiserslautern, Germany
Isam Uraiqat
Editor, Alhudood
Gaming Day
Jessica Murrey
CEO and Co-Founder, Battle for Humanity
Medford, Oregon
Suren Aloyan
Founding President/CEO, DASARAN
Yerevan, Armenia
Jan Cieślar
Game Director, Failcore Games
Warsaw, Poland
Agnieszka Mulak
PhD Student at Institute for Social Studies at Warsaw University
Writer and Story Designer, MoaCube
Warsaw, Poland
Jakub Zgierski
Coordinator, Games for Impact Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland
Dori Adar
Founder, Hands on Games
Tel Aviv, Israel
Dan Berteanu
VP of Education, Bittnet Group
Bucharest, Romania
Arman Atoyan
Co-Founder and CEO, ARLOOPA
Yerevan, Armenia
Elizabeth Newbury
Director of the Serious Games Initiative, Wilson Center
Washington, DC
Dennis Wedderkop
Independent Consultant
Bassum, Germany
Natalia Borodina
Associate Professor, Odessa National Polytechnic University
Odessa, Ukraine
Mihai Cepoi
Chief Everything Officer, Jobful
Bucharest, Romania
Greg Toppo
Author, "The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter"
Washington, DC
Working group moderators
Ziga Vrtacic
General Manager, Danes je nov dan / Today is a new day
Digital Communication Network
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Žiga Aljaž
Graphic, UI and UX designer,
Ljublijana, Slovenia
Andrej Fodor
CEO, Remotesome
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Goran Ivašić
Co-founder and Head of Design, Lake d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Larisa Percinlic
Director of Design and Animation (UI lead), Outfit7 (Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Nejc Sedej
Director of Product Management, Outfit7 Ltd.
Postojna, Slovenia
Lea Živčič
Freelance Product Designer
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Martin Mejak
Ljubljana, Slovenia
September 6, Humor Day
Registration and Coffee
Moderators' Introduction
Emma Lacey Bordeaux, Senior Director for Standards, CNN, Washington, DC
Alin Claudiu Apostu, Project Manager, Romanian Business Leaders, Bucharest, Romania
Welcoming Remarks
Artur Gurau, President, Digital Communication Network, Chisinau, Moldova
Christopher Ellis, Economic and Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy in Yerevan
Veronika Laputska, Research Fellow, EAST Center/GMF, Warsaw, Poland
Can Political Satire Bring Change?
Narek Markarian, Co-Founder and Host, ArmComedy, Yerevan, Armenia
Sergei Sargsyan, Co-Founder and Host, ArmComedy, Yerevan, Armenia
Political Humor: A Temporary Trend or a Serious Tool?
Maksym Kyiak, Co-Founder, Global Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Changing the World One Joke at a Time
Omri Marcus, Founder, Comedy for a Change, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Fly Bottle: How Humor, Satire, and Social Media can make us Savvier News Consumers
Mike Gillis, Head Writer, The Onion, Chicago, U.S.
The Revolution will be Televised
Jolyon Rubinstein, Freelance Broadcaster, Writer, and Creator, London, U.K.
Politics and Humor
Mladen Ivanovich, Director, Videa Production, Podgorica, Montenegro
How to Laugh at Power
Farai Monro, Creative Director, Magamba TV, Harare, Zimbabwe
It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Election
Mykolas Markauskas, CEO, Laisves TV, Vilnius, Lithuania
How is Influencer Marketing and Advertainment Changing the World of Marketing and Comedy?
David Donaldson, Managing Director, Buzzlogic, Leeds, U.K.
How the Humor and Gaming Industry Reinvent Fashion?
Kamile Kaselyte, Digital Marketeer and Entrepreneur, Brussels, Belgium
What can Video Games Teach us about Racism?
Dori Adar, Founder, Head on Games, Tel Aviv, Israel
Comedy, Trolling and the Satire Shield: The True Cost of Comedy on the Internet
George "Maddox" Ouzounian, Author, Maddox Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Satire and Political Apathy
Borna Sor, CEO, Hahar Productions, Zagreb, Croatia
Battling Newsfobia: Girls/Humans, (and Probably Aliens) Just Wanna Have Fun
Ernesto Nunez Chacon, Director, La Doble Traccion, Belen, Costa Rica
Fighting Bad Traditions through Satire
Haris Dedovic, Executive Director/Editor-In-Chief,, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Using Parody, Memes, and Demotivators to Desacralize Dictatorships
Francišak Viačorka, Vice President, Digital Communication Network, Minsk, Belarus
Satilyrical: Sarcasm & Blasphemy in a Conservative Country
Emmanuel "Wanlov the Kubolor" Owusu-Bonsu, Fokn Bois, Dhaka, Ghana
Bondzie Ossukow "M3NSA" Anash, Fokn Bois, Dhaka, Ghana
How Comedy has Changed in a Social Media Society and How Humor Brings Positivity in our Troubled Times
Radu Constantin, Actor/Blogger, Bucharest, Romania
Social Satire as a Tool of Free Speech
Hakan Bilinger, Founder and Editor-in-Chief,, Istanbul, Turkey
All the Jokes They'll Ever Have: Stand Up Comedy and Technology
Erin Crouch, Standup Comedian, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Zomri Reduced Slovak Extremists to Funny Useless Liars (The Emperor has no Clothes: Humor as an Antidote to Extremism)
ZOMRI Group, Bratislava, Slovakia
A Sheikh, a Lesbian, and a Journalist Walk into a Comment Thread
Isam Uraiqat, Editor, Al-Hudood, London, U.K.
Closing Statements
September 7, Gaming Day
9:30 - 11:00
Parallel Workshops

1. Forget Branding, Start Tattooing Instead. Messaging and storytelling to take your audience/player on hero-journey in the real world
Jessica Murrey, CEO and Co-Founder, Battle for Humanity/Search for Common Ground, Oregon, U.S.

2. Re-Imagining Education through Gamification
Suren Aloyan, Founder and CEO,, Yerevan, Armenia

3. Fairytales of Inequality: A Simple Framework for Creating Compelling, Socially-Engaged Games
Jan Cieslar, Game Director, Failcore Games, Warsaw, Poland
Agnieszka Mulak, Writer and Story Designer, MoaCube, Warsaw, Poland
Jakub Zgierski, Coordinator, Games for Impact Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

4. Disinformation at Play
Dori Adar, Founder, Head on Games, Tel Aviv, Israel
Parallel Workshops

1. Game-Based Learning
Dan Berteanu, VP of Education, Brittnet Group, Bucharest, Romania

2. How We get 10,000,000 Views with $0 Budget and Made Mind-Blowing Experiences in Augmented Reality
Arman Atoyan, CEO, ARLOOPA, Yerevan, Armenia

3. Games as a Tool for Research
Elizabeth Newbury, Director of the Serious Games Initiative, Wilson Center, Washington, D.C.

4. Gamification for Corporate Growth
Dennis Wedderkop, Independent Consultant, Bassum, Germany
Gaming Fair and Demos
In the Digital Game Arcade at the Congress Hotel, a variety of games, designed to achieve social good will be displayed. Special demonstrations will be scheduled throughout the two days of the forum.
15:30 - 17:00
Parallel Workshops

1. Using Games in Education: Building a Team of Developers and Philosophers to Bring Gamification to Universities
Natalia Borodina, Assistant Professor, Odessa National Polytechnic University, Odessa, Ukraine

2. Games vs Gamification: Leveraging Fun for Social Impact
Mihai Cepoi, Chief of Everything Officer, Jobful, Bucharest, Romania

3. Affordance of Games (the Seven F's) and How Taking Them Seriously—Event without Games—Can Make Learning Come Alive in Classrooms
Greg Toppo, Author, "The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play can Make our Kids Smarter", Washington, D.C.
Closing Social
The final act of the Forum is an event during which the audience will vote on five game designs, created by teams, prior and during the event, to address issues of importance that can be supported through gamification, as identified by the City of Yerevan. The five teams of five members (5X5) with developers and designers from Slovenia, led by DCN member Ziga Vrtacic, will present their projects at the closing social and the audience will vote and choose the winner to receive a $5,000 grant, for game development. The game will be donated to the Municipality of Yerevan.